Columbia Festival of The Arts. Your Summer Starts Here. Columbia Festival of The Arts. Your Summer Starts Here.

Sprout Film Festival

Sprout Film Festival

Saturday, June 24, 4pm | Monteabaro Hall, Horowitz Center at Howard Community College

Presented in Partnership with the Arc of Howard County and Howard County Autism Society

Poignant, beautiful, humorous and thought provoking short films created by, for and about individuals with disabilities. Sprout showcases films related to the field of developmental disabilities, fulfilling its mission to make the invisible visible.  The Arc of Howard County is the oldest and largest non-profit organization that provides services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Howard County, working every day to help children and adults enjoy full community life- one person at a time. This includes being provided support and choices about living arrangements, recreational options and employment situations.
Post-screening Q&A to follow.

Saturday, June 24, 4 pm
Monteabaro Hall, Horowitz Center at Howard Community College
Tickets: $15


Films To Be Shown

Zach and Clyde
A Colorado family searches to find anything that might help their son cope with anxiety. They end up finding help in an unlikely place

Watching Over
78-year-old Del Rae attends church, volunteers and participates in water aerobics. She also takes care of two 52-year-old women with Down syndrome. Together they support each other.

Jacob’s Turn
An inspirational short documentary about a boy with Down syndrome and his love of baseball.

Coaching Colburn
James Colburn was born with Fragile X Syndrome. At 26, he is a child at heart who finds joy in the smallest things and uses his gift of comedic timing to inspire those around him.

Chimes for Tyler
A story about a boy with autism named Tyler Doi who loves wind chimes. Tyler has been classified as an autistic savant, and as such, he has an exceptional skill in a very specific area.

Despite being told as a child he would never speak or walk, Vance accomplished what doctors thought was impossible. But now he has a new challenge: dating.

Brooklyn Love Tales
A personal look into the lives of three couples with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Autism – A Somali-American Story
There is no word for “Autism” in the Somali language; yet, in the Somali refugee population of Minnesota, many American-born children are being diagnosed with severe Autism.

Kick of Hope 
The fantastic story of Anthony Starego ~ a high school student on the spectrum who is the kicker on his school’s football team.